Director’s Message

Fairfield Suisun Community Action Council
is the Unsung Hero of Those in Need

ruth-matzDear Friends,

Delay not to seize the hour,” is Aeschylus’ affirmation that Community Action North Bay (CAN-B) has adhered to for 47 years, resulting in positive changes in the lives of those we serve. Our willingness to address unfulfilled needs has allowed us to grow and change in response to the needs of the communities we serve. Our recent service expansion, including permanent supportive housing, veteran specific programs, such as Suisun VETS Housing program and official representative payee services provides for sustainable growth that the cities of Fairfield, Suisun, Dixon, Vacaville and beyond can rely on when their citizens are in need.

CAN-B strengthens communities by empowering individuals to live healthy and productive lives. Combined with our need to make a difference is a commitment to act, especially in the face of life’s challenges, using evidence-based practices and hands couple with hands-on experience that change lives for the better. Each day, our compassionate and professionally trained staff, a cadre of committed volunteers as well as energetic interns from various colleges and universities work together to provide housing and safety net services, to one individual at a time. What draws us together as a working team is the opportunity to bring about positive change in the lives of seniors, the disabled, veterans and those on extremely low incomes who are at-risk due to economic challenges.

Operating five supportive housing programs, CAN-B provides over 50 clients with safe, clean and affordable places to call home. Intensive support from professional case managers and trained mentors contribute to the successful development and completion of individualized housing plans at an 85% success rate. From transportation, budgeting and payee services, to the provision of food and help with benefits access, the supportive services we provide are the keys to helping end the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

keyCAN-B’s centrally located Homeless Assistance Center is where small miracles happen each day. Our employment information center provides job referrals, computer and internet access as well as phone/fax and mail service. Our rental assistance programs have been expanded from the long established Season of Sharing program to the 2015 launch of Housing Express to include additional financial support for families who are homeless. The Health Choices food program has been upgraded with new equipment to provide more fresh fruits and vegetables.

There is a natural human tendency that postpones taking action. Procrastination is what keeps us from doing what we know we can and want to do. One way to address it is to be selective about the company you keep. Spending time with those in need can go a long way to helping you grow individually and professionally.

Consider stopping by to see our work first hand. New staff, additional offices and upgraded facilities improve our ability to serve our clients. Whatever you are interested in doing, we welcome your involvement and guarantee that your experience will be rewarding: helping others always is!!I

CAN-B realizes that good intentions are not enough if our vision to end homelessness and poverty can be! Will you join us? Don’t delay, ACT today!

Yours truly,

Ruth A. Matz
Executive Director

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